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Great companies

start with great people. are not built alone.

A venture creation company

You may call us a venture builder. We create new ideas, products, services, and and turn them into high-growth businesses in the area of media, arts, recreation and real estate by combining design, technology and strategy.


Focusing on drive real business value and revenue growth, not just company valuation.


Leveraging our own capabilities and vast existing network from our affiliate companies. 


A team of entrepreneurs and talented young professionals, not just venture capitalist.


Providing infrastructure and partnerships that unlock full potential and growth.


We work with forward thinking organisation around the world across all industries to transform and reimagine new living experience.

Let's explore how can we work together


We are closing the gap by bridging resources and expertise across all aspects of founding and scaling companie, allowing you to focus on the core of your business ideas.
  • Capturing capabilities, resources and technologies to identify new unique value proposition.
  • Facilitate more venture creations that open doors to new markets and meet strategic objectives.
  • Execute market, grow businesses and provide access to investment. 
  • Develop partnership through various form of collaboration from market affiliation to equity alliances by providing partners an access to local market and business networks. 
  • Create activities to encourage new ideas, attract new talents, promote business collaborations and improve  innovation capacity.